Rediscover Yourself with Rebalancing

Rebalancing Bodywork with Pete Tebbutt

A deep, relaxing mode of massage involving joint release techniques, breath-work, myo-fascial deep tissue massage and energetic techniques. This mode of bodywork uses an holistic approach which encourages profound relaxation and builds personal body awareness.
Sessions are usually 1 ½ hours but can be shorter to fit your time schedule.

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About Rebalancing Bodywork

“Awareness is the beginning of all transformation” - Osho Hammer on the Rock
Osho Rebalancing is a dynamic hands-on approach to integrating and energizing the whole person. With our understanding of the body as both a creation of what the mind believes and what the heart feels, Rebalancing releases muscular and psychological holding patterns and brings about a more co-ordinated harmony between body and mind.

There is an intimate interdependent correlation between the three aspects of our being ( A: Body, B: mind, C: Heart ). It is a very sensitive equilibrium, which can easily be disturbed; if only one out of these three aspects becomes unbalanced, the other two will be affected, distorting the overall harmony.

The core of Rebalancing is the emphasis on body awareness as a first step towards a “tuning-in”, a reorientation of our awareness towards an inner space of emptiness and silence in our innermost being. Seen from this point of view, this form of bodywork is a preparation for a profound transformational process – towards a state of meditation – an inner alertness, a process of becoming disidentified from all the three peripheral aspects of our reality.

Rebalancing works with a unique synthesis of individual body analysis, deep-tissue work and joint release techniques. As the body softens and lets go of muscular rigidity, energy is released, and with it old emotional holding patterns and psychological attitudes emerge. This freed up energy is worked with creatively to give you more understanding and insight into your own potential and your ability to relax into your being. This allows you to respond to your life in an increasingly spontaneous and meaningful way. A loving skilful touch is the essence of Rebalancing, it treats the body as a gift of tremendous value, not as a mechanism to be put right. In this way Rebalancing emphasises the sensitivity to tune into the uniqueness of each person – the beauty and indestructibility of his individuality.

Rebalancing Process

Rebalancing Bodywork offers a ten session series which is pretty much determined and works more or less systematically through your whole body. Sessions 1 to 3 are the opening sessions, the introductory phase. Sessions 4 to 7 can be called the “core” sessions of the process, and finally sessions 8 to 10, we focus on the integration and harmony of all parts of the body. Your first ten-session process can be considered as a basic course in body awareness.

For more information please contact Pete Tebutt at 604-414-9379.